Think New iPhones are Coming Sept 6? Think Again

Rumors say new iPhones on September 6. They're wrong.Apple will launch not only a replacement for the iPhone 5, but also a lower priced new iPhone model on September 6, according to a report from iFun. That sounds great, except that it's wrong.

The September 6 launch rumor came courtesy of iFun (English translation) sources who pegged the date and the fact that two types of iPhones would be coming. While a lower priced iPhone to replace Apple's current system of selling previous year's models at a discount is plausible, the September 6 date has already been shot down.

Word that the early September date is flat-out wrong comes from The Loop's Jim Dalrymple and his trademark "nope." The Loop's "yep" and "nope" track record is spot-on and so far has been about a close to an official Apple statement without hearing the words coming out of Tim Cook's mouth.

Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um thinks September 27 is more likely, and it certainly seems more plausible. The 27th lands at the beginning of fall, and Apple promised fall product launches. It also gives Apple a couple more weeks to polish up iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks before giving both OS updates to the public.

Apple hasn't said yet exactly when new iPhone models will ship, and all we can really glean from the "nope" ruling is that they won't becoming on September 6.