ThinkGeek Creates PLAYMOBIL Apple Store For April Fool’s Day

ThinkGeek on Friday posted an imaginative April Fool’s Day prank: An Apple Store PLAYMOBIL set, complete with Steve Jobs conducting a presentation in the second-floor theater, where the user can use their own iPhone to run the video. (No word if mini Steve Jobs throws the phone at you if there’s a problem.) An optional Line Pack comes with Steve Wozniak on a Segway.


ThinkGeek’s page includes a parody video that mimics the look and feel of the promotional videos Apple produces when it introduces new products. These videos have been done to death, but it’s a nice touch on the ThinkGeek page, and it does a good job of spoofing the “This is the greatest thing ever (until the next greatest thing ever)” messaging of Apple’s promos.

The optional Line Pack (Woz gets the first spot, of course)