Third Party 30-Pin-to-Lightning Adapters Begin Appearing

The first 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter has appeared. A firm called called Nanotch is offering a "Nanotch iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Nano Lightning to 30-Pin Cable Adapter" for US$17.95 on Amazon. That's $11.05 cheaper than Apple's adapters, which is priced at $29.

Nanotch Adapter

Nanotch 30-pin-to-Lightning Adapter, as Advertised on Amazon

The 30-pin connector is also known as the Dock. For many years, Apple has used the 30-pin Dock connector for its iPods and iOS devices. When Apple announced the iPhone 5 on September 12th, the company announced a new, smaller dock connector the company called Lightning.

Apple device owners with investments in legacy equipment like speaker docks, charging stations, and other accessories will need to either buy an adapter from Apple or buy new accessories if they want them to work with their new iPhone 5, iPod nano, iPod touch, and any other new iOS products going forward.

Rumors ahead of the launch of the iPhone claimed that Apple would be the exclusive provider of 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters, something made possible by the fact that both connectors are proprietary Apple technologies. Apple has heretofore licensed access to the Dock—and now Lightning—connectors through the MFi program (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, and Made for iPad, Made for iOS, take your pick).

We should note that there's no MFi logo being advertised with the Nanotch's adapter, and it remains to be seen if this adapter is a licensed product. Apple has vigorously defended its licensing and ownership of these technologies in the past, successfully suing products like an unlicensed MacBook power supply off the market (Apple doesn't license that particular technology at all).

If it is licensed, the company should have a hit on its hands with its 38 percent discount compared to Apple's product. Nanotch's adapter comes with a 20cm (7.9 inches) cord, whereas Apple's $29 product does not. Apple does offer a $39 version with a 20cm cord.

Nanotch also offers an iPod nano watch band strap for the previous generation iPod nano.

[via 9to5Mac]