Third Gen iPad Drops “4G” for “Cellular” in Product Name

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Apple has dropped the 4G moniker from iPad WiFi + 4G following complaints in some markets that the multimedia tablet doesn’t support 4G networks outside of the United States and Canada. Now Apple is referring to the 4G-capable third generation as iPad WiFi + Cellular, which may appease governments that are investigating Apple’s use of 4G in the iPad name.

Third gen iPad drops Third gen iPad drops “4G” for “Cellular”

Apple has been facing investigations into the iPad WiFi + 4G name outside of the United States because 4G support isn’t available in other countries. Australia and the U.K., for example have both been investigating complaints over what some sonsumers see as misleading advertising.

The Mac and iPad maker posted new signage to help clear up confusion about which countries don’t offer compatible 4G support, and even offered refunds to customers that felt they had been misled. Even inside the United Sates 4G isn’t available in some markets.

A hearing for the complaint in Australia is expected to happen some time this month.

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Finally Apple got the hint and recanted!

Now if we could get Apple to change it’s mind about allowing users to choose their own questions instead of those stupid Apple supplied security questions in the Mac App Store.

Power To The People!

Long Live The Revolution!

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