THQ Plans Mac Version of Game Based on Pixar’s Up

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As in recent years, THQ plans a videogame adaptation of Pixar's latest movie across all major platforms, including Mac, PC, and various consoles. Shipping this spring, Up the videogame takes players on an adventure with balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who has tied thousands of balloons to his house in an attempt to travel to South America, and Wilderness Explorer Russell, who has stowed away.

Gamers can play solo or with a friend in cooperative mode as they take control of Carl, Russell, Dug the dog, and Kevin the prehistoric bird as they navigate the treacherous South American jungle. Multi-player game modes include one in which four players compete in aerial combat.

Up the movie is due for release on May 29. A demo of Up the videogame is available now, but it's Windows only. THQ did not say if it plans to release a demo of the Mac version.

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yes, i have played this game, not really cool actually.

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