Three Thieves + Two Minutes = $60K in Stolen iPads

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Three thieves broke into a Florida Best Buy and stole an estimated US$60,000 worth of iPads over the weekend. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance photos of the robbery on Tuesday, a robbery that was executed in under two minutes.

The Best Buy location robbed was a store in the Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida. According to a local newspaper called The News Press, the thieves broke into the Best Buy by prying open the back door. They then pried open the door to the cage used to house high-value goods in the store’s warehouse.

The police said that the thieves targeted only the iPads, and that they managed to get between 60 and 90 of the boxed devices in less than two minutes. As noted above, the value on the stolen loot has been pegged at $60,000.

The thieves wore gloves and had their heads “covered,” though by what it wasn’t said. The surveillance photos released don’t include a lot of detail, but the Sheriff’s office is asking for information on the burglars.

There is a tip line set up at 239.477.1000, and tipsters wishing to remain anonymous, but still be eligible for a $1,000 reward, can call Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1.800.780.TIPS (5477).

Below are the four surveillance photos released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Surveillance Photo

Surveillance Photo

Surveillance Photo

Surveillance Photo

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Apple doth lead to stealth and expedience. Now, if the booty’d been four pound MicroSoft Tablets, time would’ve been significantly higher, had the peculating panthers bothered to bother. There seems character in this burgle.


It is noted that they also stole dozens of Xooms, Touchpads, Galaxy’s, and Playbooks, but will not be charged for those thefts since they returned them all before police arrived on the scene!! grin

Lee Dronick

In and out in 2 minutes. That was well planned and they probably had inside intel even if it wasn’t one of the employees participating in the actual robbery.

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