Three to Carry iPhone 4 in UK

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U.K. residents will have five carriers to choose from when the iPhone 4 ships on June 24 now that Three has announced it will be carrying Apple’s latest combination iPod and smartphone.

Three hasn’t announced its contract details or pricing plans yet, but considering the iPhone 4 release is only two weeks away the company will likely make an announcement soon.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4 during the keynote presentation at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference on San Francisco on June 7. The newest iPhone model includes a higher resolution display, front and rear-facing cameras, support for capturing HD video, LED flash, a built-in gyroscope along with digital compass and accelerometer, and more.

The other iPhone carriers in the U.K. include O2, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

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And so ends the era of unlimited data with your smartphone, surely the main reason to own such a device!?!

In fact O2 are going to take my unlimited data plan off me (iPhone 3GS) claiming that: “Unlimited data on all smartphone tariffs is a promotion until 1 October 2010. Excessive usage policy and terms apply, see” - WTF!

If I upgrade to iPhone 4 on a similar tariff to my current plan with O2 I’ll pay ?5.00pm more, I’ll be charged 20 pence per MMS message (currently they deduct 5 SMS credits from my account), I’ll only get 500MB of data, but I’ll get unlimited SMS (I never go over my 500pm limit anyway).

Lets hope that Orange and Vodafone keep their unlimited data plans or offer greater amounts than O2!

What a disappointment :(

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