Thumbplay Hires Away MobileMe Director

Mobile phone ringtone and online music service company Thumbplay has hired Apple's MobileMe director, Pablo Calamera, to serve as its Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Calamera spent ten years at Apple working on the company's .Mac service along with the launch and build out of MobileMe. Prior to his stint at Apple he worked for WebTV and Danger, both of which were purchased by Microsoft.

Mr. Calamera will report to Thumbplay CEO Evan Schwartz, and will oversee the company's technology including the new Thumbplay Music service.

Thumbplay just launched a public beta of its streaming music service. The service offers unlimited access to the Thumbplay music library for a flat fee via an Adobe AIR application.

Mr. Calamera will take on his duties as Thumbplay's CEO on March 8. Apple hasn't announced who his replacement will be.