Thursby Software Releases ADmitMac for PIV

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. announced the release of ADmitMac for PIV on Friday. ADmitMac for PIV securely integrates U.S. Government Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards with Mac computers.

The utility provides users with a single sign-on environment, verifying a PIV card against a centralized network authority. ADmitMac for PIV includes Thursby's SMB/CIFS implementation for bidirectional file and printing sharing with Microsoft networks.

When a PIV card is inserted into a Mac, ADmitMac for PIV changes the normal login screen and asks users to enter their PIV card PIN authorization. Upon verification of the user's PIN, ADPIV then obtains the proper network credentials from the Kerberos Key Distribution Center.

AdmitMac for PIV includes its own PKINIT (Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos) that enables this secure integration. A single user license is available from the Thursby Web site for US$149.