Tim Cook Says Users Love Apple Watch, Possibilities are Enormous

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Watch has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating, and that most owners wear their watch every day. Mr. Cook shared those statistics during the company's third fiscal earnings report for 2015 where he also said he was pleased with the smartwatch's "successful launch."

Apple Watch has 97 percent satisfaction ratingApple Watch has 97 percent satisfaction rating

"Feedback from Apple Watch customers is very positive and we're happy with customer satisfaction statistics," he said. "There's a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate measured for Apple Watch, and internal market research says 94 percent of owners wear it and use it every day."

Apple began selling Apple Watch only a couple weeks before the quarter wrapped up, and Mr. Cook made it clear months ago that details for how many watches have been sold was going to stay under wraps. Instead, the company is lumping Apple Watch sales in with iPods and other accessories in its "other products" category.

Mr. Cook added that social networking apps have been the most popular on Apple Watch, but it has potential beyond Facebook and Twitter. "We believe the Apple Watch possibilities are enormous," he said.

Apple reported third fiscal quarter earnings at US$49.6 billion with earnings of $10.7 billion. The company sold 47.5 million iPhones and 4.8 million Macs during the quarter.

Apple is trading after hours at $122.17, down 8.58 (6.56%). The company's quarterly earnings report is still under way, so be sure to stick around for more news and analysis.