Tim Cook: We’re Maniacal About Making the Best Products

During Apple’s third fiscal quarter earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook was asked about the company’s design philosophy and whether or not he sees opportunities for lower priced products. His response: Apple is maniacal about building the best products in the world.

“Our North Star is to maniacally focus on making the world’s best products,” Mr. Cook said. “We’re going to stay on that journey, and stay focused on making the best product and not deviate from that.”

...and a maniacal devotion to making the best products…and a maniacal devotion to making the best products

According to Mr. Cook, when Apple focuses on innovation it creates more distance between itself and competitors. “When we can do that and hit more aggressive price points, we’re also going to do that,” he said.

Apple reported selling some 17 million iPads during its third fiscal quarter, along with 26 million iPhones and 4 million Macs. The company brought in US$35 billion in revenue with $8.8 billion in earnings.

He also said Apple sold 4 million Apple TV units so far this year, and is still very dedicated to what the company calls its hobby product.

Hobby or not, Apple seems set on making what it sees as the best entertainment device for televisions, and is also focused on making sure its iPad, iPhone and Mac product lines are the best in their markets.

“Our North Star will be to make the best products in the world,” he said. “That’s why we breathe, that’s why we live.”