Time Capsule May be Apple’s iCloud Data Center

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Apple’s mysterious North Carolina data center may not be where the company plans to store user’s data for its soon to be unveiled iCloud service. Instead, the company might be planning to release an updated version of its Time Capsule network storage appliance to handle iCloud data storage.

TIme Capsule iCloud upgrade rumorTime Capsule may handle iCloud data

An anonymous source that’s apparently familiar with Apple’s Time Capsule and iCloud plans told Cult of Mac that an upgraded Time Capsule will make user’s Home folder backups available through the iCloud service, but data will be stored on the device’s own hard drive. Currently, Time Capsule offers 1TB or 2TB of storage for Time Machine backups over a local network, along with a built-in Wi-Fi router just like an AirPort Extreme Base station.

The rumored Time Capsule update will work much like the Dropbox service does, letting users store files in a centralized location that automatically pushes changes in files out to all of the devices that share the same data — which in this case will include Macs, iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch.

It will also manage photo and video syncing between devices, although it won’t store app updates for iOS devices, according to the source.

There isn’t any word on when Apple will introduce the new Time Capsule model. The company could, however, use its World Wide Developers Conference keynote event scheduled for Monday morning to show off the device and its new file storage and synchronization features.

Until Apple officially announces the new Time Capsule with iCloud features, information abou the device should be treated as rumor.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our live WWDC 2011 keynote coverage on Monday. The event is scheduled to start at 10AM pacific time, and TMO will be providing steady updates on our Web site and our MacObserverLive Twitter feed.

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Lee Dronick

We will find out tomorrow. That data center may be for more than one thing. It could be for cloud music storage, MobileMe, storing the tracking file of iOS users, or something we haven’t ever considered.

peter c


No one seems to have thought of the possibility of hyper-fast WiFi courtesy of Thunderbolt for the new Airport/Time-Capsule/iCloud Hub-Thingy device. If so, Apple?s sure to tout the fantastic speed of Time-Machine backups?especially that initial one?but more importantly the streaming speed. But? you have to have a Thunderbolt capable Mac and perhaps iPhone too?enter the iPhone 4S, ?S? for speed. Then, as always, there’s that need to upgrade for the next must have feature, which is the real genius behind Apple’s success.


@peter c, the need to upgrade is not genius, it is what every company wants. Sure, Motorola was happy they sold all of those Razor phones, but they didn’t want you to just stop there. ALL companies want to develop new features that require new hardware, that’s what keeps them in business.

peter c

@ctopher, thanks, I realise that. But the genius I see in Apple is the cross-integration—the sum that gives it far greater leverage on each of the parts. There’s no company quite as complete in what it does: hardware and software, computers and phones and players and a TV box and base-stations and cloudware. Any change in any one of those, ripples out across everything else and that is the genius—the choosing and integrating all of those precise things.


Yea, MS got slammed by the DOJ for the same integration of products….

Lee Dronick

Yea, MS got slammed by the DOJ for the same integration of products?.

Was it the integration of products, or something else?

peter c

It wasn’t the SAME integration of products, but the alleged anticompetitive practice of tying Internet Explorer to Windows to deliberately crush Netscape and others out of the PC business over which Microsoft held a near monopoly.

The Integration of products isn’t illegal, but anti-competitive practice to manipulate an otherwise free-market is—in the US and Europe at least.

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