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Time has apparently worked out its differences with Apple because the publisher began offering its magazine titles through the iPad’s Newsstand app on Thursday. The company said all 20 of its consumer magazines are now available to iPad users through Newsstand, which means they can manage their subscriptions without going to Time’s website.

Newsstand is Apple’s iOS app for managing and viewing newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Time publications now available on NewsstandTime publications now available on Newsstand

Time Inc said that ALL YOU, Coastal Living, Cooking Light, Entertainment Weekly, ESSENCE, FORTUNE, Golf Magazine, Health, InStyle, Money, PEOPLE, People En Español, People StyleWatch, REAL SIMPLE, Southern Living, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Sunset, This Old House, and TIME are all available through Newsstand.

As part of its newfound love for Newsstand, Time Inc CEO Laura Lang said, “We are thrilled to bring our entire U.S. portfolio to Newsstand. It’s an important step toward fulfilling our goal of being everywhere consumers want us to be.”

The publisher isn’t saying whether or not it swung a special deal with Apple, or if it finally agreed to pay Apple’s 30 percent cut for in-app purchases.

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Lee Dronick

Do you get an alarm clock a subscription? I still get those offers from Time in the snail mail. Hey Time, the 1980s called, they want their Morrow computer back.

big red dog

I can’t wait to get “COSTAL LIVING” on my new ipad Awesome magazine on a awesome tablet

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