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Steve Jobs may be on sabbatical, but observant folks noticed his presence on NBC's 30 Rock Thursday night, or at least an impression of him by the show's star and producer, Tina Fey. In the clip below (courtesy of Hulu), Ms. Fey is seen delivering a Stevenote-style presentation of information about her show, complete with a black turtleneck and a presentation clicker.

Scene from 30 Rock

As with many jokes and gags on the show, this sketch will only be obvious to Apple aficionados, but that hasn't stopped it from getting a lot of press anyway.

Another NBC show, Chuck, also had what some are calling a Steve Jobs imitation this week, too, though to our eyes, it is much less direct. In "Chuck Versus the Dream Job," Chevy Chase plays an iconic tech CEO who is unveiling a gamechanging operating system at "NextExpo." He is introduced onstage as "the architect of the digital age" and "Time magazine's man of the year."

The parallels to Steve Jobs in that description are apparent, but in the clip below, Mr. Chase's character brags about buying islands (his second) and how much money he's losing by standing there, traits not often associated with Mr. Jobs.

Nevertheless, it's all the buzz on the Interwebs, so we present it for your edification.

Scene from Chuck

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Doesn’t Virgin’s Richard Branson own an island?

Bryan Chaffin

You know, I think he does…checking…Yep: Necker Island.


Chris Newman

For those outside the USA, the clip is now on youtube


Folks are pretty desperate to write stories about Steve Jobs. This is about as much of an IMPERSONATION of Steve Jobs as me typing, “Ben Dover. . . Nice to meet you Ben” is an impersonation of Chevy Chase.

Sure, Steve does presentations but so does Bill Gates (in a pretty similar manner, though maybe not quite so dynamic). This is a STRETCH at writing at best.

Bryan Chaffin

Bigjayhawk, if you’re talking about the Chuck clip, I’m with you, as I think I made clear in the piece.

Tina’s bit, though, is absolutely intended to be a riff on Mr. Jobs.


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