Tiny Touch Screen Hints at New Apple Product

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Images of what appears to be a 3cm x 3cm touch screen bearing that Apple name have started leaking out of China, and so far the rumor mill is at a loss as to what the tiny display is for. The photos first appeared at Apple.pro along with speculation that Apple could be working on a touch-based wrist watch.

Assuming the photos are legit, and that the display really is touch-sensitive, Apple could also be working on a redesigned iPod nano or iPod shuffle with touch interfaces, or possibly a new      input device for the Mac.

Apple.pro has previously gotten its hands on what turned out to be legit images of iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro parts, but that doesn’t guarantee these photos are accurate, too. Since Apple doesn’t comment on rumors or unannounced products, we’ll have to wait for more leaks — or an Apple product announcement — to see if these shots are real.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up.]



Never mind.  I like the watch idea


Are they sure it’s 3cm ?

I am expecting a touch screen trackpad soon.

But a watch would be amazing. I sold my iPad 2 days ago - just too big, too heavy. I want small.


Maybe I’ve just got big hands but 3cmx3cm just seems awfully small to do much.


3cmx3cm just seems awfully small to do much.

3 cm = 1.2 inches - about the size of a postage stamp.  And not the big stamps, but more like the US flag stamps you get in a roll.

Could it be an LCD viewfinder for the back of the new iPod touch, which may have a front-facing camera, rather than a touch screen? That would enable still shots or video, along with Facetime, with only one camera.


It almost looks like it has solar panels integrated too.

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