TJ Maxx Sells iPad for $399

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The department store-style retailer TJ Maxx is dropping a little holiday surprise on shoppers: It is selling Apple’s 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for US$399, or $100 off list price.

Word of the deal first appeared at Engadget, and TJ Maxx confirmed the discount price through its Twitter account. The retailer isn’t making it overly easy, however, for customers to take advantage of the deal since it isn’t advertising which stores will be offering the discounted price.

TJ Maxx’s parent company, Marshalls, is offering discounted iPads in some of its stores, too. Presumably the iPads will be stocked between men’s cologne and polo shirts.



Where are they getting these iPads? I can’t imagine Apple selling an iPad to a vendor for $100 off list. If they are, then all the normal vendors are making a lot of money and we need to quit griping about Apple making so much of a profit.

Is Marshall’s doing the same thing Costco is accused of doing, purchasing products outside the US and importing them (gray market)? Or are these iPads “seconds” or returns that can’t be sold for the list price because the box was opened?


Or maybe they are a loss leader and TJMaxx is hoping to make up for it by selling bags, accessories, and getting customers in the store to buy other things.

Times are hard. Forecasts for holiday sales are bleak. I could see someone trying this. Also there’s no mention of how many per store.


Loss leader, no vendor purchases that low. Not all resellers yet have them.


I bet a few people are pretty upset in Cupertino.

Lee Dronick

I bet a few people are pretty upset in Cupertino.

It is my understanding that Apple sets the price that a 3rd party vendor may sell Apple products. There is a small leeway in percentage, but nothing like this 20% off sale. Is that correct?


Marshall’s, TJMax, Dollar Store, and others all sell leftover stuff they get from wholesalers, other stores, and who knows where. Same with Overstock. My wife shops are Marshall’s and when I accompany her, I usually look through the kitchen section because there are heavily discounted, name-brand items, but they all look like they’ve been opened or had damaged boxes. Sometimes you score other times you lose.

If Apple products are fair-traded, these must be outside the first sale requirements. I can’t see Apple allowing products to be this heavily discounted unless they have been off the market for a long time.

prl53 is now saying an email from Jobs says TJMaxx is not an authorized dealer, no surprise to me since I doubt anything in these stores is actually brand new from the original creator.


There are companies like gazelle that purchase ipads and such. With new MacBook airs, possibly they have received enough quantity. Gazelle does state that they sell the items purchased to companies possibly like TJ and marshals. The other idea is trying to get rid of the over stock before 2nd gen comes out. But that would mean other retail stores would be pissed of not having the same deal. I’m thinking they are refurbs.

Dean Lewis

Is it a permanent price on refurbs or is it a Black Friday sale price on limited quantities?


Could be a hint at the new price for the old low-end iPad. I think Apple could easily do with iPad what they do with iPhone. Drop the old low-end model’s price by $100 and sell it alongside new models at the same old prices. The older iPad at $399 will really put the hurt on the Galaxy Tabs and Windows slates of the world.

The only way the wannabes can possibly fight back at iPad is with lower pricing. But Apple already gets the best component deals (e.g. flash memory) due to their high volume. So their margins stay high even after the $100 price drop. Advantage Apple.

bobby flay

you liers.

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