TLA Systems Tackles Problem of Calculator Obscenity

TLA Systems announced Wednesday that they have taken on the growing problem of calculator obscenity. With a breakthrough technology, the company has found a way to protect innocent users from this plague of so-called "calculator words," the last refuge of adolescents the (English speaking) world over.

"Yes, it's one of the main problems affecting the calculator industry today," the company said in a statement, "the so-called 'calculator words'. These otherwise harmless devices can be made to display smut at the press of a few buttons. Added to that, the iPhone App Store is very strict about having inappropriate content in apps. Nobody wants their app to get a 17+ rating, or worse, to be rejected entirely."

With the ability to spell out CENSORED, CENSORED, or even CENSORED, PCalc users have until now had the ability to inflict such obscenity to anyone able to crowd around their iPhone or iPod touch. No longer will they be able to hold innocent users under the sway of their obscenity tyranny, however, thanks to PCalc 1.8.

PCalc's Profanity Censor to the Rescue!
PCalc's Profanity Censor to the Rescue!

Users can leverage this new technology through a preference in both PCalc RPN Calculator and PCalc Lite Calculator. The update is free to owners of those apps.

We should note that internal testing here at the TMO Labd found that 71077345 can still be safely typed out.