TMO Invite Giveaway

If you've been waiting for your chance to try out the social networking service but haven't been able to score an invitation for a free account yet, The Mac Observer has you covered. We're giving away a bag full of invitatations to our readers and as long as you act fast you can get in on the action.

TMO has some free invites. Grab yours while you can!TMO has some free invites. Grab yours while you can!

All you need to do is head over to our special page at the website and sign up. Your account is free, but also offers US$5 a month and $36 a year subscriptions that remove the cap on the number of people you can follow.

Once you're signed up, you can use much like Twitter, but posts top out at 256 characters instead of 140. Just like Twitter, is far more interesting if you're following a few people and some of the TMO crew are already users: also has a directory where you can find some popular users and search for people based on names, topics, locations, and hast tags.

We found a couple Mac apps that take a different approach to using's file storage features. Orbit (free) uses a drag-and-drop system to upload and download files, can automatically upload screenshots, offers public and private image options, and supports filtering. Swing (US$7.99) can upload single or multiple files and folders, supports creenshot uploads, auto-creates short URLs for sharing, and supports multiple accounts.

For users that prefer native apps over Web browser interfaces, Kiwi is a popular choice.

On the iPhone and iPod touch, Riposte, Felix, and Netbot are great choices. On the iPad, Netbot is great, and Rhino is popular, too.

TMO's stash of free invites is limited, so be sure to head over to right away to get your account before they're all gone.