TMO Live Coverage: Apple’s iPhone Media Event on Wednesday

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Apple will be hosting a special media event at 10AM pacific time on Wednesday, September 12, and The Mac Observer will be on location with live coverage. Apple is expected to unveil the next generation iPhone model, and some rumors claim updated iPods will make an appearance, too.

Apple's latest media event starts tomorrow morningApple's latest media event starts tomorrow morning

Rumors claim the new iPhone model will have a bigger screen than previous versions, LTE fast wireless data support, a smaller dock connector port, a faster processor, and support for Apple's new nano-SIM card standard.

Be sure to check in with TMO on Wednesday for our coverage both during and after Apple's media event.

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If the rumours turn out to be right, and that’s all we get,  i’ll be disappointed;  because it will demonstrate that Apple are spending too much time but not enough money on product development. 

I’m really hoping for more.


I loose the Apple’s iPhone Media Event and I want some feedback from someone who so the event.  Thanks     Barry Denicola Realty

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