TMO Announces Haiku Macworld Pass Winners (w/Entries)

The Mac Observer is pleased to announce the winners of our “Get Your Beatnik On” drawing for Macworld passes. We asked our readers to contribute a Haiku to win passes to Macworld Conference & Expo 2011, and we got some fantastic entries. Below we have the winners, along with their entries.

Macworld 2011

Users Conference: Dan J.

I Read TMO
Macs, iPads, iPhones They Know
Expo Here We Go

Users Conference: Jill W.

Yearning for Macworld
Each year I hope to visit
This year, dream comes true

And the pièce de résistance that won the Super Pass, this opus (with a title, no less!) from Philip H.:

“Catch your Macworld bliss”

Catch your Macworld bliss,
An Apple each day to kiss.
You won’t want to miss!

Coming in a week;
It’s your chance to catch a peek
At items to seek.

With old friends to greet,
Through several days on your feet,
And new friends to meet.

Impart what you know.
Discover what you don’t know.
You’ve come to the show!

Gadgets and hardware,
Latest and greatest software.
You’ll find it all there!

We’ll make it all clear
What we really want in gear
And features next year.

They’ll make it. We’ll choose
What items will win or lose:
What we’ll really use.

With Jobs off hissing,
See what Apple is missing:
What it is dissing.

Community here!
The gathering of your peers.
Laughing, clapping, cheers!

Good friends helping friends;
Points to debate and defend,
To the very End.

Now that it’s over,
In a time of composure,
You’ll find your closure.

You won’t want to miss
An Apple each day to kiss.
Catch your Macworld bliss!

We’d like to thank everyone who entered our drawing, and Macworld Conference & Expo for working with us on the passes. We hope to see you there at the show!