TMO Discusses Why They Use Apple on Maccast

MaccastMaccast host Adam Christianson recently asked several names in the Mac community why they use Apple products. That list included several names from The Mac Observer, too, including Jeff Gamet, Dave Hamilton, and John Martellaro.

“With all the speculation about the future of Apple and longevity of the products going forward without Steve at the helm, I wanted to take a different perspective,” Adam said. “Can we gain a deeper perspective on Apple and it’s future by looking inward and to it’s past? I asked simple question to 11 Apple journalists, podcasters, creative professionals, and fans: Why are you an Apple User?”

Adam’s list of names also included John Chambers from One Minute Tip, Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray, Victor Cajiao from Typical Mac User, J.C. Hutchins, The Loop’s Peter Cohen, Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla, Scott Johnson from Frogpants Studios, and Bart Busschots from the International Mac Podcast.

Maccast is available at the Maccast Web site, and at Apple’s iTunes Store.