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With the launch of the Google Currents for iOS and Android last week, The Mac Observer’s code wizards took on the task of bringing all of our coverage to the news reader app. Thanks to their hard work, you can now check out TMO’s news coverage, reviews, tips and analysis in a format that’s designed just for Google Currents.

TMO on Google CurrentsTMO on Google Currents

To view TMO in Google Current’s, you’ll need to download the app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It’s free and available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

Next, load the TMO Currents feed from Mobile Safari on your iOS device. Loading the Currents link will launch Google Currents and add TMO to your regular news feeds. That’s all it takes.

Once TMO has been added to Goggle Currents, you can view all of our news content in the app in a layout that’s designed just for iOS devices.

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I’ve been checking the AppStore with my iPT but I’m not seeing Google Currents. I searched for Google, Currents, and Google Currents and while I’ve seen Google+, Earth, Search, Latitude, Places, Translate, Authenticator and GMail, there’s no Currents

What am I not doing right.

Statistically Insignificant

I?ve been checking the AppStore with my iPT but I?m not seeing Google Currents.

I had the same problem.  It took a Google search to find a Google page that has a download link:


Only available to users of the US store….


Only available to users of the US store?.

Awwwwwww Man…...

Thanks for the info.

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