TMO iPhone OS Event Live Coverage

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The Mac Observer will be on location later this morning providing live coverage of Apple’s iPhone-related special media event. Apple plans to kick off the event at 10AM pacific time, or 1PM eastern time.

If following along with our live coverage on the TMO Web site isn’t an option for you, be sure to check out our MacObserverLive Twitter feed where we’ll offer up-to-the-minute live coverage as well.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Bryan: Question about running unsigned apps on the iPhone. Steve noted there was a porn store for Android, and that it was open to everyone, including your kids. “That’s a place we don’t want to go,” Steve said.

Steve is such an insufferable turd. This ends all legitimate talk of the App Store as preventing malware, viruses, etc. on the platform. That’s no longer in the talking points.

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