TMO iPod Event Wrap Up

Apple hosted a special media event on Wednesday where the iPod lineup was revamped, iTunes 9 was released, iPhone OS 3.1 rolled out, and the iTunes LP was introduced. Once again, the TMO staff kicked it into high gear and offered up live coverage along with some great follow up analysis.

Bryan Chaffin handled the live on location coverage with his usual attention to detail and seasoned perspective. He also managed to get some nice photos of the new iPod nano with video camera.

John Martellaro brought his own unique perspective to the table to talk about what Steve Jobs's first public appearance in months means for the company, and what the updated iPod touch says about Apple's tablet computing plans.

Brad Cook took a look at where Apple is going in the mobile gaming market, and Ted Landau shared his thoughts on what happened at the event and what you need to know about the day's announcements.

Dave Hamilton did his part, too, so that our coverage went off without a hitch. He was hiding behind the scenes for this event making sure that our servers didn't implode, information was making it out to our MacObserverLive Twitter feed, and that our flux capacitors kept fluxing.

Once again, I'm amazed at how hard everyone works to make our event coverage work -- although I shouldn't be, since the TMO staff always steps up to the plate to make sure everything that needs to happen really does. Maybe it's more accurate to say I don't take these people for granted and appreciate the hard work they put into our event coverage.

I have no doubt that everyone would step up and do it all again tomorrow, but I'm thinking once a week is plenty.