TMO Is Hiring a Webmaster/Developer - Inquire Within!

This fall, our current webmaster, Stephen Swift, is heading off to grad school, an adventure which will provide him with many things (and for which we wish him the absolute best!), but not leave him with the time to continue working for TMO. As such, we’re looking for someone else to step into that role.

What Do You Need?

TMO is a (relatively) small company, which means that everyone here continually wears multiple hats. As such, there’s no way to definitively list everything you’ll wind up doing for us, but in a nutshell, this position will involve the following:

  • LAMP work (if you don’t know what LAMP is, you can probably stop reading here)
  • Expression Engine upgrades and maintenance (if you already know EE, great, but don’t let that particular lack of knowledge stop you from replying if you still feel you’re the right person for the job!)
  • JavaScript and CSS work
  • Some Unix server maintenance (if you’re comfortable at the command-line, that’s probably enough)
  • …and anything else you bring to the table we’ll find a use for!

Is It Full-Time or Part-Time?

We would like to bring someone on full-time, but we’re not opposed to exploring other avenues if you think you can make it work.

How Much Does It Pay?

As a full-time position, we are looking in the $40k per year range. We do not currently offer health insurance (it’s still cheaper to get on your own, believe it or not, and we can help point you in the right direction).

How Do I Apply?

{ title=Send me} your resume, credentials, and relevant experience. Be interesting about it. We’re a fun bunch, and we’d like to keep it that way.

As I wrote above, we are a small company, and while the requisite skills are, well, requisite, it’s extremely important that we have the right person on board, as well. After all, we have to not only work well together, but be driven to wildly succeed together, too. That takes the right mix.

I look forward to hearing from you!