TMO to “Count the Tablets” at CES 2011

Count the Tablets
The Mac Observer
is pleased to announce a fun game for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas we’re calling “Count the Tablets.” We’re going to try to find and photograph all the Android (or other OS) tablets that are being announced at the show, and bring them to you.

We envisioned this as a drinking game, but had to rule that out when we realized that TMO’s Managing Editor Jeff Gamet would likely pass out shortly after the show floor opens on Thursday morning. So instead, we’re just going to publish photos and some short information about each one as he finds them throughout the show.

Not that we’d encourage anyone to drink to excess, but if you’re an adult in a non-workplace setting and you decide you want to quaff a shot every time we put up another story about a tablet or three that’s we’ve managed to find, that’s your business.

With 2010 being the year of the iPad, 2011 is threatening to try and be the year of catchup for everyone else, and the bar will be set at CES. Dozens of companies are expected to unveil Android devices, and Microsoft may also be making a new push for Windows-based tablets, so we believe there will be plenty of devices to look at and compare to last year’s iPad.

The show floors open Thursday morning, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be officially opening the event itself Wednesday evening with a keynote address. If the company is going to show new tablets at the show, it will be then, so tune in at that time if you want to start playing with us at the beginning.