TMO to Live Tweet Steve Ballmer CES Keynote

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The Mac Observer is pleased to announce that we’ll be live tweeting Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote Wednesday, which starts at 6:30 PM PST (9:30 EST). TMO Managing Editor Jeff Gamet will be on hand for the event, and we’d offer bonafide live coverage of the event, but the truth is that we aren’t really interested enough to do more than tweet it.

Microsoft will be streaming the event from its Web site, but for those who can’t watch (or who similarly don’t care enough to do more than read some tweets), you can follow @MacObserverLive for Jeff’s coverage.

We’ll also be kicking off our “Count the Tablets” coverage of CES during this keynote, as Mr. Ballmer is expected to show off a couple of Windows-based tablets during his presentation.


TMO Live Tweet


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“6:30 PM PST (3:30 EST)”
OMG!!!—The earth’s rotation has reversed!

Bryan Chaffin

Ack! I’ve messed up more times lately…hold on let me fix this one…

OK, fixed.  Thanks for catching that, CCW. It is, of course, at 9:30 EST. smile

Lee Dronick

hold on let me fix this one

It’s about time smile

OMG!!!?The earth?s rotation has reversed!

That might explain the recent incidents of bird die-offs.

CCW, counter clockwise ?


Sir Harry Flashman said—CCW, counter clockwise ?

Yep—but when viewed from the North Pole or the South?

Lee Dronick

OMG!!!?The earth?s rotation has reversed!

This may no longer be a joke, see this story

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