TMO Updates OS X Safe Download Version Checker/Updater

The Mac Observer is delighted to announce that our handy-dandy utility OS X Safe Download Versions has been updated to version 0.4.2. The update is a maintenance release that simply squashes a bug where ‘Oct’ was not a properly recognized date string.

OS X Safe Download Versions

TMO’s OS X Safe Definitions Versions checker/updater

OS X Safe Download Version Checker is utility we put together that allows you to check the version number of your OS X Safe Download Definitions from Apple. Safe Download Definitions is a list used by your Mac to check downloads for malicious software such as MacDefender and its variants.

In keeping with Apple’s usual penchant for keeping security a seen (but not heard) issue, there is no built-in GUI for checking to see which version of the Definitions list you have or easily forcing an update. That’s where our handy AppleScript utility comes in.

Run OS X Safe Download Versions and you’ll get a window similar to the one above that tells you the version number of your Definitions list, the time and date of Apple’s most recent update to the list, and the ability to force an update to your Definitions.

You can download the update directly from The Mac Observer. It’s a 43.68KB download.