TMO's Apple Watch FAQ

Ready to buy an Apple Watch, but have a few questions before pulling out your credit card? We have answers. TMO rounded up the questions we're hearing most often in a handy list, and if there's more you need to know, we'll add that, too. Read on to get your Apple Watch questions answered.

Apple Watch questions? Have some answers.Apple Watch questions? Have some answers.

Where Can I Buy Apple Watch?

If you want an Apple Watch, at least during the initial launch phase, you have to order online from the Apple website. Apple's reasoning is that demand is so high and this will make it easier for customers to know when to expect their watch. There isn't any word on how long the launch phase will last, so we could be looking at weeks or months before in-store purchases are an option.

Where Can I Learn How to Use the Watch Features?

Apple put together a series of short instructional videos showing how various features work. Videos for Messages, Faces, and Digital Touch are available now, and others for features such as phone calls, Siri, Apple Pay, workouts, and Activity are coming soon.

How Do I Get Apple Watch Apps?

The first wave of apps are really just companions to existing iPhone apps. With an Apple Watch-ready app installed on your iPhone, it'll push to your watch once the two devices are paired.

How Does Apple Watch Talk with My iPhone?

Since there aren't any wires connecting Apple Watch to your iPhone, all the communication that happens between the two is wireless. Typically, that's Bluetooth, but it can be Wi-Fi as well.

Does Apple Watch Have Built-in Wi-Fi?

Yes, it does. Your watch can use that to stay linked to your iPhone as long as both are on the same wireless network. Apple Watch can join networks it's already been on, too, when your iPhone isn't available. That lets you reply to text and email messages, send and receive digital touch messages, and use Siri voice commands.

Can I use Apple Watch Without My iPhone?

Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, so most of its functionality requires your smartphone. That said, there are several things you can do when it's just you and the watch such as check the time, set and use alarms and timers, track steps taken, log runs and workouts, track your heart rate, listen to music you previously uploaded to your Apple Watch, view uploaded photos, display boarding pass barcodes from Passbook, and make purchases with Apple Pay.

Is Apple Watch Waterproof?

No, it isn't, but it also kind of is. Apple says it's OK to wear the watch while washing your hands or when you're out in the rain, but don't go swimming or take a shower with one on. Call it water resistant, not water proof.

Tell Me About the Built-in Camera.

There isn't a camera in Apple Watch, and that's a good thing. This way you won't look like the creepy stalker guy from Samsung's Galaxy Gear commercial, and your watch won't have an ugly tumor-bump where the camera lens sits. You're welcome.

Can I Listen to Music on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can. You'll need to upload some songs from your iPhone, and you'll need Bluetooth headphones because there isn't an audio out port on the watch.

How Do I Change Settings on My Apple Watch?

When Apple released iOS 8.2, it also pushed out a new Apple Watch app. You may not want it on your iPhone now, but you'll be glad it's there once your Apple Watch arrives. That's where you manage device settings, including Push notifications you receive on your wrist.

Can I Turn Off Apple Watch?

Apple hasn't said, so for now the answer is maybe. It may be possible to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save battery, but that would may your Apple Watch useless except as a time piece. Word on the street is that pressing and holding the digital crown may turn off the watch.

How Many Bands Come with Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Sport includes two bands (small and medium), while the stainless steel Apple Watch and the gold Apple Watch Edition include one band.

I Want a Different Band. Can I Swap Mine Out?

Apple Watch wrist bands are removable, so you can change them out fairly easily. That's the cool part. The downside is that if you don't like the band your model ships with, you'll have to buy another; no swapping out during purchase.