TMO’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

In recognition of Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17, 2012, TMO has compiled a Gift Guide for that special dad or granddad in your life. The items we selected are designed to complement any dad’s technical life, but especially those who love Apple products. Here’s a convenient list of our favorite supporting cast members along with prices, ratings, and links to our previous reviews.

The iWOW-U from SRS will give dad enhanced sound through his headphones or earphones while he listens to any of his iOS products. The quality of the sound, particularly the bass, will have dad singing along with his favorite tunes or enjoying movies, games, or audio books. From SRS. MRSP US$79.99. TMO Rating 4.5/5. The TMO Review.



Griffin’s SmartTalk Solar Speakerphone is the perfect gift for any dad or granddad who spends a lot of time in the car and has to make and take phone calls. It’s solar powered so it is always ready to go.  It has bluetooth capability and can be paired with two different smartphones at the same time and both can be used at the same time. Once a phone has been paired with the unit the SmartTalk will auto-connect each time you enter it;s range with your phone turned on. Works with iPhone 3G, 4, and 4s. From Griffin  MRSP US$69.99. TMO Rating 4.5/5. The TMO Review.




Nothing but the best for dad?  Then consider one of the elegant Waterfield iPad bags in brown or black. The Indy is 10.3 x 12.0 x 1.0-in. It weighs 17 ounces. There is an adjustable shoulder strap and pockets on the outsides and inside. Each one is made of soft, distressed leather, and within certain limits, designed by the purchaser. There is a special pocket lined with scratch-free Ultrasuede for the iPhone. The Indy is ordered to spec and takes about two weeks to ship. From Waterfield. MSRP US$179.00. TMO Rating 4.5/5.  The TMO Review


For the dad who makes presentations on the road, the Edifier M250 portable speaker may be the perfect gift. It connects directly to a Mac and at 10 x 1.5-in it takes up very little space in a bag. It is triangular in shape.  The top and bottom are brushed aluminum and front is black wire mesh. The sound quality is good for both presentations and music. From Edifier. MSRP US$49.99. TMO Rating 4/5.  The TMO Review.




If dad is a multitasker he will love the Griffin Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer.  It clips to the pocket, functions as a refillable ballpoint pen, includes a rubber-tipped stylus, and sports a (red) laser pointer. It is also very professional looking. From Griffin.  MSRP US$49.99. TMO Rating 4/5 stars. The TMO Review.



Code Folio


Treat dad to a genuine leather case for his iPad 2 or 3rd generation iPad with the Code Folio case. It’s perfect for the man on the go because it includes interior pockets, a custom molded soft-touch bed, a pen/pencil holder and an elastic belt to keep everything together. There are also grooves that hold the iPad in comfortable viewing range. From Hex. MSRP US$79.95. TMO rating 4.5/5.  The TMO Review. 


Here’s a pure stylus that’s nothing but class and well suited for notes, drawing, or just every day use on any iDevice.  The Wacom Stylus Solo is well built, designed to last, and has thoughtful features. The nib is replaceable, and the clip is removable. From Wacom. MSRP US$29.99. TMO Rating 4.5/5. The TMO Review.




olloclipNowadays, with our very capable camera in the iPhone often replacng a point and shoot camera, it’s often nice to have some optical accessories for special occasions. The olloclip is a handy, small, but high quality optical set, with real glass lenses, that clips scurely into the iPhone.  The system can be configured as either a fisheye, wide-angle, or macro lens, and the whole set weighs just 0.7 oz. It comes in a soft microfiber case that doubles as a lens cloth. MSRP US$69.95. TMO Rating 4/5. The TMO Review.



HighwayWith all the iDevices in our life, it’s often handy to have a car charger, especially one that has the juice to charge an iPad. Here’s a very handsome car charger and cable kit, the Highway.  It features a sturdy, knurled aluminum cap, an LED indicator and comes in two color schemes. And because its port is a USB plug, you can use it with just about any portable device. A USB to Apple 30-pin cable is included. From Just Mobile. MSRP US$34.99. TMO Rating 4/5. The TMO Review.






Teaser Image Credit: Shutterstock.