TMO’s Guide to Writing, Publishing & E-books

Over the past few years, TMO has published a wide range of articles, reviews, and how-tos on writing and reading digital books.  Here, collected for the first time, is a ongoing list of all those articles.  It will be updated regularly.

There are three sections: Writing, Publishing and E-books. Within each section, articles are listed in chronological order.




This section collects articles, how-tos and reviews of writing tools and technologies for authors.

Review, 03 April 2009: “StoryMill Takes a Novel Approach”

Review, 07 April 2009: “Scrivener Brings Out the Scribbler

Review, 15 April 2009: “Ulysses is a Heroic Writer’s Application

Review, 21 April 2009: “Jer’s Novel Writer is a Memorable App

Review, 07 May 2009: “CopyWrite for Writers has the Write Stuff

Review, 29 July 2009: “Storyist 2 Brings Out the Story Teller

Review, 04 August 2009: “Ulysses 2 Lives Up to its Name

Summary, 04 August 2009, “Update on Software for Writers, Part III

iBooks Author



This section collects articles, how-tos and reviews of authoring and publishing tools & technologies for authors.

Review, 16 April 2010: “Pages for iPad

Editorial, 21 January 2012, “Apple Schools the Textbook Industry

Editorial, 23 January 2012: “History Won’t be Kind to Apple & Textbooks

Editorial, 24 January 2012: “Apple Shines with iBooks Author

News, 02 February 2012: “Jumsoft Intros iBooks Author Themes

News, 03 February 2012: “Apple Clarifies iBooks Author EULA, Excludes Claim on Content

Interview, 10 February 2012, “Competitors Size up Apple’s iBooks Author




This section collects articles, how-tos and reviews of e-book tools & technologies for authors and readers.

Opinion, 05 February 2010: “Even More EReader Stuff: Stanza

Review, 28 May 2010: “Barnes & Noble Reader is Not What You May Expect [UPDATED]

How-to, 03 January 2011, “Moving Your Ebooks from a Mac to the iPad

How-to, 13 January 2011: “How to Get Free Books on Your iPad

How-to, 18 January 2011: “Managing and Reading All Kinds of Books on Your Mac.”

Interview, 01 February 2011: “An Interview with O’Reilly Ebook Guru, Andrew Savikas

How-to, 25 August 2011: “Create & Manage iBook’s New Release Alerts

Analysis, 12 January 2012: “Some Thoughts on iBooks, iPads and Education

Review, 20 January 2012: “Alice for the iPad: A Charming Must Have

Editorial, 30 January 2012: “Apple’s iBooks 2 Gives a Bright Future to Home Schooling

Review, 14 February 2012: “Bookle: A Friendly EPUB Reader for the Mac

Review, 23 February 2012: “BookReader: a Full-featured EBook Reader for Mac

Review, 24 February 2012: “Murasaki: an EPUB Ebook Reader for Mac Disappoints

Review, 29 Debruary 2012: “Kitabu: A Simple and Free EPUB Reader