TMO’s iPad 3G Service Plan Price Chart

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Apple’s iPad with 3G support will be available internationally on May 28. If you aren’t sure how much a wireless data plan for your iPad will cost, check out TMO’s iPad 3G wireless data plan comparison chart.

AT&T (US) $14.99 250MB $29.99 Unlimited
Rogers (CA) $15 250MB $35 5GB $20 Add to existing plan
O2 (UK) £2/day 500MB £10 1GB £15 3GB
Vodafone (UK) £10 250MB £15 3GB
Optus (AU) $20 2GB $30 3GB $60 8GB
Telstra (AU) $20 1GB $30 3GB $60 6GB
Orange (FR) €10 200MB €39 2GB
SFR (FR) €14.90 250MB €29.90 Unlimited
Orange (ES) €3.50/day 250MB €35 2GB
Vodafone (ES) €15 250MB €32 2GB
Swisscom (CH) CHF5/day 100MB CHF19 300MB XHF39 2GB
Orange (CH) CHF5/day
Softbank (JP) ¥4,410 1GB ¥2,910 Unlimited

Softbank’s normal ¥4,410 a month unlimited data plan is eligible for a discount for iPad users, bringing the actual monthly cost down to ¥2,910.

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