TMO’s Jeff Gamet to Visit Austin’s CapMac MUG

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Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer's managing editor, will be speaking at the CapMac Macintosh User Group meeting on Tuesday, March 10, in Austin, Texas. He'll be showing off some image editing tricks, explain when to use certain image formats, and offer some editing application options if Adobe Photoshop is too rich for your budget.

The user group meeting starts at 7PM, and will be held at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub at 9012 Research Blvd. Directions to the meeting along with a full line up of the evening's presentations are available at the CapMac Web site.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I tried to get tickets from TicketMaster and it’s all sold out already. Any news if Jeff will be adding any dates. Also, is the t-shirt cool for this tour?

Jeff Gamet

I hear if you hit your browser’s back button on the TicketMaster Web site you can spoof it and get more tickets. As far as additional show dates go, we are trying to pick up the dates that Robin Williams left open when he had to temporarily suspend his comedy tour, and the t-shirts are all hand-drawn by five-year-olds with Sharpies.


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