TMO's Snow Leopard-palooza

I just love when Apple kicks off a big product launch because there's always all kinds of new things to learn, and I'm always amazed at the cool stuff the TMO staff comes up with to write about. Apple's World Wide Developers Conference event earlier this year is a great example, as is last week's Mac OS X 10.6 roll out.

Our Mac Geek Gab team, Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun, cranked out great articles on what this whole 64-bit thing means and what apps you need to be worried about in Snow Leopard. John Martellaro offered up a great primer on preparing for the Snow Leopard upgrade at the beginning of the week, and then offered up his Mac OS X 10.6 review at the end of the week with a refreshing perspective I haven't seen anywhere else.

Throughout the week, Bryan Chaffin was pointing out application updates that added Mac OS X 10.6 support -- so many, in fact, that our Snow Leopard Special Report kept getting bigger by the day.

Then there were the podcasts, because it seems the TMO team can't help but talk. Dave and John Braun put together a great Snow Leopard edition of the Mac Geek Gab, and Bryan and I teamed up with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus for our Snow Leopard report on the Apple Context Machine.

Ted Landau talked about Snow Leopard on the MacNotables podcast the night before the launch. Since Ted practically breathes Snow Leopard, he joined MacNotables again after the launch to talk about the types of issues new upgraders might encounter.

Nancy Gravley chimed in on part 1 of a special Snow Leopard edition of the MacJury podcast, and then Dave and I shared our experiences on part 2 of the show.

Bob also paid a visit to MacNotables to share his take on Snow Leopard, and to talk about his new book, Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Dummies.

The bottom line is that I'm lucky to be working with a group that's so focused and on top of everything Apple -- and I can't wait to see what ideas they come up with after Apple's special media event on September 9. I'm thinking they'll have plenty to say about what is announced as well as what isn't.