TNT Network Comes to the iPad

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TNT has joined has joined the growing list of networks to offer iPad apps, complete with TV shows and movies available for streaming. Also like many other networks, users must already have a cable subscription that includes the network’s content.

TNT for iPadTNT for iPad

Along with full episodes and movies, the app offers episode guides, broadcast schedules and reminders, behind the scenes content, and Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue support.

TNT for the iPad is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



Essentially, a useless app to me. I am not paying ~70/mo for access to one or two shows on non-network channels. It either comes over the ~20+ OTA channels or from Netflix/Hulu for $8/mo.

The last time I tried TNT online, they required Windows (DRM) to watch their shows, and being Mac only, that left me out.

I’ll just wait for their shows to hit syndication (like “The Closer”) and watch them for free via OTA.

Dean Lewis

Agreed. Come back, TNT, when I can subscribe to your shows or even channel individually via the internet/app.

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