Toast 11 Adds Multi-Burner Support, More

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Roxio announced the immediate availability of Toast 11 and Toast 11 Pro on Tuesday. The new version of the CD and DVD burning application added support for writing to more than one optical drive at the same time, and also gained a redesigned user interface.

Version 11 includes a new Toast Assistance feature that walks users through the steps for common projects with video tutorials. It also includes a new dockable media browser and the ability to include DVD ROM content on DVD movie discs.

Toast 11Toast 11’s video assistance feature

Toast 11 supports GPU video conversion, Flash video conversion, and scheduling times for conversion actions. If ripped videos include subtitles Toast 11 will maintain them now, too, and custom video conversion settings can be saved as profiles.

The application supports audio CD spanning so users can create song lists that are bigger than a single CD can hold, video can be trimmed and edited in-app, and users can manually set chapter markers in their videos.

Video edited in Toast can be shared online via services like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, and it can auto-tweet links to uploaded content.

Toast 11 also includes an updated version of Spin Doctor that can record audio from a single app, and can detect breaks in audio and automatically create a new track.

Toast Pro 11 adds in Blu-ray burner support, along with SoundSoap, a Toast Audio Units plugin for SoundSoap, SonicFire Pro 5, FotoMagico 3, and Photoshop Elements 9.

Toast 11 is priced at US$99.99, and Toast 11 Pro costs $149.99.

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Let us hope it fixes AVCHD archiving. The feature already exists in 10, but it doesn’t work correctly when content spans multiple discs.

Most modern camcorders use SDHC cards (or internal memory) greater than 4GB. When you want to archive this AVCHD using Toast (which is supposed to make the archive discs playable on Blu-ray players), it will properly tell you across how many discs the material would span. However, the spanning fails and discs are unplayable and unreadable.

Hopefully, the spanning AVCHD archive issue is now fixed.


Roxio announced the immediate availability of Toast 11 and Toast 11 Pro on Tuesday…

OK, so why is there no mention of it on Roxio’s Software Updates site, and why does my Toast 10 Titanium/Mac‘s “Check for Updates” option deliver me a dialogue box saying, “You are currently using the most recent version of Toast Titanium.  There are no new updates of available at this time” (i.e. 19:05 +5GMT)?


Because this is not an update for Toast Titanium 10. This is a whole new version. Visit and you’ll find out.

Owners of v10 may be able to get the new version at a lower price.


This is a whole new version. Visit and you?ll find out.

I know I DID visit that site yesterday and I feel so sure that “Roxio Toast 11” was not there then!

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