Touch Pets Dogs, WW2 Beachhead, Other Games Come to App Store

Prolific App Store game publisher ngmoco on Tuesday announced the release of Touch Pets Dogs, while Sunstorm Interactive, Bulkypix and Tag Games published WW2 Beachhead, Eye Training Visual Edition, and GUTS, respectively.

Touch Pets Dogs is a free app that lets players choose from one of seven breeds of virtual puppies and nurture and play with their pet. They can also let their puppies interact with other players' puppies from around the world, with the results of those play dates broadcast on the Touch Pets social network and on Facebook. Puppies can be personalized with a variety of clothing, accessories, toys, and more. Paid versions of the game come with bonus bowls of food.

WW2 Beachhead (US$0.99) is an arcade game in which players must defend their position from waves of attacking soldiers, tanks, and fighter planes, using a machine gun, artillery cannon, and rocket propelled grenade launcher.

In Eye Training Visual Edition ($0.99), players use 20 mini-games to improve four areas of their vision: visual analysis, visual memory, visual coordination, and field of vision.

Finally, GUTS ($2.99) challenges players to shrink down to microscopic proportions and enter the body of Slabovia's fearsome dictator, General Schmerdiakov. Players fight 20 types of enemies as they make their way through 11 levels.