Toys R Us Starts Selling Apple’s iPad 2

Toy retailer Toys R Us began selling Apple’s iPad 2 over the weekend, expanding the number of potential locations where consumers can pick up the multimedia tablet device. The company isn’t carrying the iPad 2 in all of its stores, although it does have a Web page detailing where it should be available.

iPad 2, now at Toys R USiPad 2 lands at Toys R Us

So far, Toys R Us is offering the iPad 2 in about 30 states, and only in select stores. The company is also selling cases and other accessories for the iPad 2.

Apple sells the iPad through its own stores and online, as well as at other retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Radio Shack. Considering the tablet’s popularity, however, customers should still expect a wait since demand is still outstripping supply.