Transmit 4 Sports Streamlined Interface, Speed Improvements

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Panic announced the immediate availability of Transmit 4 on Tuesday. The new version of the FTP and file transfer application for Mac OS X gained a completely redesigned and updated user interface along with under the hood changes that improve file transfer speeds and overall performance.

Version 4 includes thumbnail previews, Cover Flow support, and tear-off interface tabs, an updated sync panel, and the ability to directly transfer files between two FXP-capable servers. It also includes a new Path Bar, a Places pop-up menu, multi-touch navigation support, enhanced linked folder navigation, bandwidth limiting, Transmit Disk for mounting remote volumes on your Desktop, and more.

Transmit 4.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It is priced at US$34 and is available for download at the Panic Web site. Upgrades from Transmit 3 cost $19.

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Transmit has always been my favorite FTP client. If the upgrade delivers even half of the performance improvements promised by Panic, it will be well worth the $19 upgrade price.


Crazy good. I’ve used Transmit since 2.something, I think. Lots of those things are things I’ve done fine without, but already I can tell it’s going to make things even easier, more convenient.

My experience with customer support with Panic is consistently good, as well.

Definitely worth my $19 from v3. Coming soon to a Mac near me.

Hey, other developers ? THIS is how you do it.

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