Traveling Steve Jobs Patent Exhibit Moves to Denver

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Denver often feels like a city left out when traveling exhibits make the rounds, but Steve Jobs -- or at least his patents -- are showing the front range town some love. An exhibit that started at the Smithsonian showing off patents bearing his name just opened at the Denver Public Library.

The traveling Steve Jobs patent exhibit makes its way to Denver, ColoradoThe traveling Steve Jobs patent exhibit makes its way to Denver, Colorado

The exhibit was created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum, and is on loan from the U.S. Patent  and Trademark Office. It includes massive iPhone-shaped panels depicting 300 patents attributed to Mr. Jobs before his death.

The opening of the exhibit comes just days before a USPTO satellite office is scheduled to open in Denver. The city was chosen as one of the locations for the travelling exhibit because of the new office opening, which is scheduled for June 30.

Visitors can check out the display for free during regular library hours. It's located in the Schlessman Hall on Level 1, and runs through August 31.

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If you're in or near Denver, be sure to make the trip to the DPL Central Library. This is a fascinating exhibit that's worth checking out.

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