TrendyDigital Design Announces Dimension Case for iPad

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Trendy Digital Design announced Wednesday the release of a new iPad case called Dimension Case for Apple’s iPad. The case is designed to both protect the iPad and allow users to view the device from several positions.

Dimension features a frame that holds the iPad, and users can detach that frame from the rest of the case to use it as a sleeve style of case. When attached to the rest of the case, Dimension allows users to position the iPad at several angles in both portrait and landscape modes.

The company intends to release different versions of Dimension, but the first iteration is designated the “V” series because it uses Velcro to attach the frame to the rest of the case. It is this version that is available today through Amazon for US$44.99.

Dimension Case for iPad

Dimension Case for iPad


James Cohen

That is quite an amazing case! why don’t they get this to the market sooner? I have 2 cases now. I really want this one. It looks so perfect. I can use the iPad in both orientations in a protective case. I have been looking for something like this for long time.

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