TRON: The iPad’s first iAd

The iPad will finally get its first iAd on Tuesday, and the in-app ad will show off Disney’s new TRON Legacy movie. The new ad is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, and includes images from the movie along with nearly ten minutes of video, according to Advertising Age.

Viewers will be able to order movie tickets without leaving the ad, and email their friends from within the ad, too.

“Disney and Apple are excited to debut the TRON Legacy iAd today as a special preview of iAd for iPad, which launches next year,” Apple and Disney representatives said.

iAd is Apple’s in-app ad system for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The company introduced the advertising service as a way for companies to offer more compelling marketing opportunities without taking viewers out of the apps where their ads are displayed.

Until now, all iAds were designed for viewing on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Disney’s TRON Legacy is the only iPad-specific iAd Apple will run this year, but the company plans to introduce more ads through 2011.