TSA Agent Steals 8 iPads, Stacks Them Up at Home

A TSA agent has been charged with theft after he was found in possession of some eight iPads he allegedly stole from the bags of passengers in the U.S. According to Dallas-based NBC 5 (via Gizmodo), Mr. Dovel was arrested after the police followed a Find My iPhone signal to his home.

Clayton Dovel

Photo of Clayton Dovel, according to NBC 5

The alleged thefts took place over the course of eight months from a variety of passengers passing through DFW airport. We should note that the implication of the above-mentioned discovery of the devices in situ means that the thief took multiple devices and didn’t even sell them. Perhaps he was planning a totally rad GarageBand band?

The TSA released a statement regarding the theft, saying:

The unacceptable behavior of this individual in no way reflects the dedication of our nearly 50,000 transportation security officers who work tirelessly to keep our skies safe.

NBC 5’s report:

NBC 5 Report on TSA Agent Being Arrested

The lesson here should probably be to keep your iPad on you when you travel, and to make sure Find My iPhone is activated just in case it is stolen.