TuneUp Media Cleans Up Your iTunes Music Library with TuneUp

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- At this week's Macworld Expo, TuneUp Media was showing TuneUp, a product to clean up your iTunes music library. Attiya Abdulghany, Marketing Manager, told us more about the product.

TuneUp has four major features, the first is Clean, which will help update or correct bad Name, Artist, Album and other data in your iTunes library. This is done by using technology from Gracenote, which actually samples the song audio to try and identify it. They claims an 85 percent accuracy rate in matching your song to the correct metadata. The second feature is Cover Art, which searches a database for cover art using existing ID3 tags, so make sure your music has gone through a clean operation before trying to locate cover art. You can choose from multiple covers if they are available.

The third feature is Tuniverse, which allows further discovery of the music you have. It will provide with the best music content that's directly related to the track you're currently listening to in iTunes. It can also locate music videos. The fourth feature is Concerts. It will read through all of the artists in your iTunes collection and provide you with a list of upcoming shows in your area. You can also purchase tickets using this feature.

There are three TuneUp options. The first, so you can try it out, is TuneUp, and offers 100 song cleanups, 50 album covers, and unlimited Tuniverse and Concerts content. The second is TuneUp Gold, which offers unlimited song cleanups, album covers, Tuniverse and Concerts. A single computer yearly license is US$19.95, and a single computer lifetime license is $29.95.

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Sadly, I found TuneUp to be only marginally useful at best, and harmful at worst. Its intrusive and clunky interface (brings up a sluggish web application in a window next to your iTunes window every time you start up iTunes), having to register your e-mail address and log on with a password just to use the app, the fact that it mislabeled and lost dozens (more?) of songs when I had told it not to touch them, and the lack of an “undo” capability to restore your library after TuneUp messes it up - all of these things made it an unpleasant piece of software to use. After fighting with it for more than a month, and spending many hours trying to repair the damage to my iTunes library, I’ve given up on TuneUp.

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