Tweed Offers Better Twitter Lists

LithiumCorp announced the immediate availability of Tweed for the iPad on Friday. Tweed is an app that builds RSS-like lists of tweets with links from friends or pre-built groups, but doesn’t require users to have a Twitter account of their own.

Tweed for iPadTweed for the iPad

Tweed includes the ability to build customized tweet lists without needing an RSS reader app, a history list showing the links you have checked out, an in-app article viewer, support for tagging tweets to be read later, and Instapaper support. The app includes several pre-built lists for Apple-related news, technology, world news, and more.

The app can, according to developer James Wilson, replace RSS feeds and dedicated RSS reader apps for many people.

“Personally, I haven’t used an RSS Feed Reader for months,” he said/ “The people whose RSS Feeds I used to read are on Twitter and now with Tweed I can keep up with what they’re writing and what they’re reading.”

Tweed is regularly priced at US$4.99, but is currently available for $2.99. It is available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.