Twelve South Announces HiRise For Apple Watch

TwelveSouth the HiRise for Apple Watch on Wednesday. Much like the HiRise and HiRise Deluxe for iPhone (both with and without cases), this stand for the Apple Watch displays the screen of your device clearly, and makes it easy to interact with even while the device is charging.

HiRise for Apple Watch

HiRise for Apple Watch

HiRise for Apple Watch includes a slot for the Apple Watch charging cable, which runs up to a pedestal where the charging cable clicks on to the back of the watch. Need to take the cable with you? It's a snap to remove it, and replacing it is easy—if you only have the single cable it's not a problem to take it with you as needed.

One of the more thoughtful features of the HiRise is the protection for the Apple Watch. There is silicone wrapping on all parts of the stand where the watch might come into contact with it. Along the back there is a strip of leather where the band rests so no matter which band you have, it won't come into contact with the metal.

This latest accessory from TwelveSouth will be available in May and is listed at US$49.99. There's a notify button on the site if you want to be sure you know the second the HiRise is available.