Twelve South Introduces Compass, a Foldable, Stainless Steel iPad Stand

Twelve South introduced a new iPad stand Wednesday called Compass. Compass is a folding stand made of stainless steel that is intended for two different modes, a work mode and an easel mode. Better yet, it will fold to the size of a candybar, according to the company.

The easel mode is intended for more passive viewing of one’s iPad. From easel mode, users can flip down the third leg for work mode, which puts the device at an angle suitable for typing on the on-screen keyboard. The company said that either mode offers a mall enough footprint for use on a plane, and the device’s portability makes it easy to carry.

Compass features silicon feet, and it comes with a soft neoprene travel case.

Compass is priced at US$39.99.

Compass Easel

Compass in Easel Mode

Compass Work

Compass in Work Mode