Twelve South Redesigns BookArc for Unibody MacBook Pro

| Product News

Twelve South announced the immediate availability of a redesigned BookArk on Tuesday built specifically for Apple’s unibody MacBook Pro.

BookArc ProThe BookArc for Apple’s Unibody MacBook Pro

The new BookArc includes a heavy gauge steel body, wide silicone feet for improved stability, a redesigned insert that better matches the MacBook Pro shape, and cable guides for power, display and peripheral connections. The stand also includes an extra silicone insert to fit older MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

The BookArc for MacBook Pro is priced at US$49.99.

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Haven’t unibody MBPs been out for 2-3 years? What’d they have a ton of overstock? Sheesh! Way to be on-time to the game!

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