Twittelator 3.6 Adds TextExpander touch Support

Stone Design and SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of Twittelator 3.6 and Twittelator Pro 3.6 for the iPhone and iPod touch with support for TextExpander touch on Monday. Twittelator is a Twitter client application that supports multiple accounts as well as geotagging.

TextExpander touch is shortcut typing app that lets users auto-expand pre-defined abbreviations, or snippets, into full words and phrases. The update for the Twittelator apps adds the ability to expand snippets without first jumping into the TextExpander touch app.

Version 3.6 also includes a built-in Web browser, the ability to paste images from other apps into tweets, the ability to save movies recorded in the app into your Photos library, draft tweet reordering, the ability to see conversation threads in messages and to show all DM conversations to or from a specific person, Twittelator theme search support, the ability to hide tweets from blocked accounts, and more.

Twittelator 3.6 is free, and Twittelator Pro 3.6 costs US$4.99. TextExpander touch is priced at $1.99. All three are available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.