Twitter Launches ‘Related Headlines’ Feature for Added Context

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TwitterTwitter announced a new feature on Monday called "Related Headlines." This feature seeks to match (some) tweets to news articles and other webpages that give them context by tapping another Twitter feature, embedded tweets.

From Twitter's blog:

Starting today, you will see a new 'Related headlines' section on the permalink page of Tweets that have been embedded on websites. It lists and links to websites where the Tweet was embedded, making it easier to discover stories that provide more context.

Please note that the part of that quote that specifies this feature will only be available on the Web at Twitter's site under the permanent URL for the given tweet (see How to Obtain the URL of any Given Tweet for more info). In other words, it will not be seen in Twitter clients, at least for the time being.

The example Twitter used in its announcement was pro basketball player Jason Collins telling the world he is gay. Mr. Collins later tweeted a thanks to his fans for their support, but that tweet doesn't specifically mention what he was thanking them for.

At the time, the context was self-evident to most folks, but over time that becomes less true, and in other cases there may be no self-evident context.

Related Headlines intelligently lists articles that embedded the relevant tweet, as shown in the image below. The company said this feature will give users that added context they might be looking for.

Twitter Relates Headlines

Twitter Example of Related Headlines

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This is a great development. Personally, I tend to obsess over context. For instance, I cohost a podcast called The Apple Context Machine with Jeff Gamet. In addition, much of my writing at The Mac Observer during the last 15 years (!!) has been an effort to provide my readers with the broader context of any individual story.

Accordingly, I love this. I see tweets all the time that reference something that isn't immediately clear. Of course, not all tweets get embedded into another webpage, so there are limits, but this is what makes Twitter's move so brilliant.

By rolling out this feature, Twitter is encouraging media outlets like The Mac Observer and all of the other sites to embed more tweets so that their story will show up in Related Headlines. This makes Twitter more relevant and could amplify the service's presence tremendously.

Now, if Twitter would just get off this idiotic effort to retard the value of Twitter clients in order to send us to its site. Related Headlines would have even more value if it was a click away in one's preferred Twitter client.

But that's a rant for another day.

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